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Top 4 books for improving your communication skill

Top 4 books for improving your communication skills

The major part of doing airport jobs requires a good personality and good communication skills. It is considered as one of the most important skills that one is supposed to have if he/she wants to work in aviation. Now, talking about the duties and roles of Airport Ground Staff, you know the basic part is that you have to listen carefully to what the customer is saying and then respond in the sweetest and kindest way possible.

No matter what emotional level you are on that day, keeping everything aside. You have to smile and communicate.

For some, it might be challenging and for some, it might be very simple. But, of course, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced person there is always a scope for improvements.

For this, we have brought you 6 books on communication skills that will help you in improving your skills for a better day at work.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pen and a notebook and start noting down the names of the book.

Top 6 books for communication skills –

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People -
    Author – Dale Carnegie
    It is a true classic and it does not have any cheap tips and tricks to provide you with communication skills.  This book straight away gives you what is required and there are no other cliché tips that usually fail! So, there you go, grab this book and start working on your communication skills.
  2. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High -
    Author –Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMilan and Al Switzler
    You know the pressure of a work environment. Lots and lots of work but you have to keep calm because that is your job! You have to stay calm and pretend everything is good and easy and happy. It can be tiresome. Well, this book deals with the exact emotions. Improve your communication skills with this book.
  3. Difficult Conversations: How to have Conversations that Matter the most-
    Author –Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen, and Roger Fisher.
    It makes you understand how you can have the conversations that are useful and matters the most at the situation. It also tells you about how you can deal with difficult conversations and make it easy.  There you go, this book is your savior.
  4. How to have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People-
    Author –Les Giblin
    Sometimes it can be difficult dealing with people as they can be a bit stubborn and things could be difficult to make them understand. Also, when you have less confidence in talking to someone, this book will be your great savior. Get this book and see how your life changes by reading it.

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these 4 books listed above will help you in making your communications skills stronger.

We wish you ALL THE BEST for your future!

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